After discussion on Dpreview forum, I decided to show some photos taken with onboard camera flash (on 30D).
What is the reason not to use bigger flash?
Well, if I go to photo shooting, stock shooting or event (wedding…) I have my 580EXs and the flash system with me.
But if go walking with my children, with friend to hike, on mountain bike or climb in the wall, then photography is secondary and I take only camera in my “little” bag. And why don’t use a small flash hidden in DSLR? It can help sometimes. Why not?
This little flash can be really helpful. And have surprisingly power for that small gadget.
I use integrated flash for:
– face with sun behind,
– photos in dark mountain cottage,
– snapshots when friend preparing his sports equipment in early morning (dark),
– eliminate harsh shadow on sun…
Just try and use it!

Here are some examples:

I would really love if Canon would add flash to xD series (at least to some DSLRs). And if this onboard flash could fire 580EX on the other side of the room.

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