Yes I’m in love.

I’m in love with new Canon 5D mark II. But I’m also in love with Canon 1D mark III. What to choose? It is a hard decision between those two toys. If I suppose their price is in the same league (1D used vs. 5D new), then we must look at specifications.
I’m using DSLR for very different situations (landscape, hiking, sports, events, weddings, family trips…), so I can’t make a decision from that.
After all readings and hours of checking I choose 5D mark II (it is newer and have better IQ and many great advantages (better sensor cleaning, great LCD, bright viewfinder … and yes – video)), but I still found some minuses which really bothering me.
Here we go:
1. RAW size. It is great that you can crop and I do it a lot if necessary, but using so many resources is really a big pain. I’m sure, that I would use SRAW almost the whole time. I don’t print big photos, so it is not “a must have” for me. But it is nice to have, if you need.
2. Speed – DIGIC IV is fast. It calculates many operations in part of seconds. But if you want to fire some shoots in events (rice at wedding, jump in sports, car sports …), than you are slow at 3.9 fps. Yes and no. I rarely hold my finger on shutter longer than second, but it would be nice to have some more shots in this time.
3. Flash X-Sync: 1/200 sec. It could be faster. You know it, when you use flash outdoor.
4. Missing integrated flash. Someone thinks this is a waste of place and time. But you can read my opinion and examples here. It can helps sometimes – why not. Nikon FF also has it.
5. AF is not so brilliant. It is true that in 95% I use just central focus points (it is the most accurate focus points and you can work really quick). But we have seen faster and better AF system for that price of camera. Especially when we try to use AI Servo. On landscape and macro work this isn’t a big minus.
6. Additional grip – I should buy it and this is additional costs. Feeling and balancing is much better and you have better vertical technique. This means, your photos can be sharper.
7. Problems. Until now, I read about two potential problems: Black dots and Flash underexposure. I’m sure Canon can/will change behavior with new firmware, but it would be nicer, if this didn’t happen.

And what is wrong with 1D mark III?
1. Well – it is big and heavy. Especially if you are on whole day hiking or wedding. Don’t listen to some sexual advisors – “size matters” 🙂
2. 1D mark III is older … this means, it is without gadgets (LCD, video …).

What to do? I already decide – I will wait 🙂 But don’t know how long.
My 30D works well and 99% of photos won’t be much different if I will take it with 450D, 30D, 5D mark II or 1D mark III. It is a person behind the lens who makes photos.

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  1. Anonymous

    I think you should look into the new digi chips that are inside the two different bodies.

    Since you said, you rarely hold down your finger for a sec, do you really want 10 fps? I think the new 5d Mark II would be a great investment, however how much sports do you shoot compared to weddings / portraits / stills? I think once you figure that out, your decision will be easier!

  2. Iztok Grilc

    Thanks for comment. It is true. I rarely hold down my shutter button. But lag time and blackout time on 5D mark II are slow. And this is important on events/weddings when photographer sometimes need quick and accurate response.
    5D mark II is not so responsible like 40D/30D/50D. Nikon DSLRs are better in this comparison.
    But I must say that 5D mark II is closer to me.

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