After some weeks without DSLR, I (little unexpected) decide to buy 5D mark II.
In last two days I don’t have enough time to test a camera. But there are some initial feelings from first minutes.
At first I noticed that 5Dmk2 is a little heavier than 30D. With first shutter press, everybody can hear that shutter lag is longer and relative loud. 5Dmk2 simply isn’t fast when user press on shutter button. We can’t say that camera is slow (start up, menu, …), but shutter isn’t fast. AF seems to be accurate and fast for normal shooting. AI Servo works as expected – good, but camera has just 3.9 fps, so don’t expect miracles.
Fantastic feature is My menu and Custom set modes. For fast working when you are in hurry – very nice.
LCD was described many times. Probably the best LCD in DSLR world.
In 95% I use just center AF point, but for those who use other AF points as well, I must say that they are positioned too narrow (just in the center part of viewfinder).
With first shot we can see that FF are different than crop. Picture is wider and DOF are shallower (when compare same position of subject on photo) – this is very good if you want this. But on the other hand, photographer must be aware when he wants that whole object are in focus.
For 21 million of effective pixels we can say – yes, a lot of pixels. Believe me. Good for cropping and big prints and bad for workflow on computer.
More test and opinions will be here after some days.

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