Virtual Agent SecondEGO

What is Virtual Agent?

A Virtual Agent is an automated system that provides answers to customers’ questions. It acts as a real-life sales or support agent and improves online customer experience by providing instant help to your website’s visitors, its advantages being speed, effectiveness, low costs and trainability.
Virtual Agent matches natural language questions with correct answers.

The best possible solution is SecondEGO. It offers a lot of options for home users, bloggers, small offices and corporate business.

Why do I need it?

– Better online customer service 24/7
– Reduced customer service costs (less telephone calls and emails)
– More customers and improved customer response
– Increased online sales and revenues

You will finally find out what your customers are really looking for and provide them with an enhanced customer experience.

What does it include?

    – Modules with predefined replies
    – Templates with predefined questions
    – A dashboard for easy customization
    – A knowledge editor for updating and adding replies
    – Analytic tools for improving your Virtual Agent and your website
    – Triggers for automated proactive conversation invitations
    – Intelligent website text search for better search results (with spelling error detection and synonyms)
    – Guided conversational assistance for two-way dialogue

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