After I publish navigation review some days ago, I got some questions if I want to test some other applications. I simply can’t say no to that kind of questions and I will publish new reviews in next weeks. The first is Garmin StreetPilot.

+ Very good maps with individual buildings.
+ Pleasant and transparent graphical user interface.
+ Fast recalculation and drawings.
+ Accurate car position.
+ Trip planner allows you preparing route at home.
– On every application start I have to press Agree button (or wait some seconds) to confirm that I won’t attempt to adjust application while driving.
– Alternative routes are shown with inappropriate colors. I have to look very close to see the difference.
– Application crashes sometimes, but it continues after restart.
– Searching for POI don’t have the same icon as searching for addresses, cities, coordinates… you have to use an upper field.
– If you want to select your destination on map, you have to choose Coordinates. This can have its own icon (the same as I said before for missing POI icon).
– If you make a mistake while typing an address in just one character, you have to use X button to erase all. Delete button don’t work.
– While typing a name of city or address, the suggestions are sort alphabetically. This isn’t very useful.
– If you want to select a city for your destination, you have to use Cities icon. It would be better to allow user to select city on most used icon Address. If you use Address icon, you must enter the whole address (city, address, house number).
– The biggest disadvantage for me is weird route calculation. I simply can’t believe how inappropriate route StreetPilot selects sometimes. Especially is this strange, if we know that maps are very good.
Rating: 6/10 (check whole ratings table)

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