After chatbot is implemented on your website, analytics is very handy tool to check what is going on. You won’t just see what questions was unanswered, you will also see what visitors are really searching for and what problems they have. In today’s world this is one of the most important information for website owners. This kind of information isn’t available on Google Analytics, but only on customers support tools like SecondEGO.
Wouldn’t be nice to know what items does website visitor miss? Or what kind of problem does he have with your product?
With these answers you can improve your website – add a new items, add solution for known problem, tell visitors how to use it…
And what do you think – where their next purchase will be done if they can find right answers fast and anytime on your website?
And if you see that chatbot can’t answer to frequently questions, you will spend just some minutes to improve/add that answer and its knowledge will helps to answer your visitors next time.

There are six tabs under Dashboard/Analytics:
– activity (real time and previous usage statistics),
– questions (all visitor’s questions),
– unrecognized questions (Questions where chatbot didn’t have an answer. Maybe it looks strange naming to someone, because chatbot can use Site search in this case – if it was available.),
– answers,
– triggers (how many times individual triggers was used),
– other (knowledge modules usage).
Because questions, unrecognized answers and answers is sorted by frequency, your effort into adding patterns can quickly be visible. Checking analytics regularly is an important key to get a better results with chatbot on your website.

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