Here is the latest tab on SecondEGO Dashboard. On this tab you can see some basic information about your chatbot. You can also disable/enable it. But the most important thing on this tab is light indicator.

Chatbot Status Light

A small light shines near the tab name (upper right). It indicates the status of your chatbot. The explanation of indicator is written with the same color, so it is easy understandable. Here is an example for blue light. Blue light occurs immediately after chatbot creating and shines until you insert embed code into your website.

Chatbot Notification
If you have made any changes to your chatbot, they won’t be visible to your visitors until you publish them. The orange color indicates this. But changes will be visible in your Dashboard/Test tab immediately , so you can test them and work on your chatbot improvement.  Here is an example for orange light:
Chatbot Notification
After approval that all changes works fine, you can simply press Publish changes button. This will push all your changes to be available to visitors of your website. Since this moment, the green light shines near Status.
Chatbot Status Notification
With this post we have finished with describing the main features on SecondEGO Dashboard. 

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