Let’s start with learning your SecondEGO chatbot. Today we will check two uncomplicated tabs (Train/Messages and Train/Templates).
First tab (Messages) is very simple to understand. It contains welcome messages and answers to unrecognized questions.

Welcome message appears when chatbot is opened. If your message list is empty, chatbot starts with empty window. Your chatbot will be more user friendly if you write at least one welcome message. If more messages are entered, chatbot will use random one.
Answers to unrecognized questions appears when chatbot can’t find an answer to visitors question within his set of answers (site search, patterns, knowledge modules…). If more answers are entered, chatbot will use random one.

Second tab (Templates) asks you some basic company questions. About name, address, telephone numbers, employees, products…

This template can help you a lot. In chatbots brain there are many possible questions, which can appear from visitors for the same answer. 
For example – chatbot can catch many questions to get your company’s address (where is, where’s, where do i find, where can i find, where can we find, address, location, how to get to…). 
And the best part of the story is that you enter just one answer and chatbot knows how to handle it!!
Fill all fields and you will be surprised, how quick your chatbot starts with real answers and becomes useful. But wait, there is a lot more…

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