Last time we have talked about learning our SecondEGO chatbot with Patterns. Today we will see how to rise chatbot to advert it to visitor. We will use triggers. As developers say – trigger is automated proactive conversation invitation.
Triggers tab isn’t available in Free package. You can change your package to 30-Day Trial or start with subscription (at least Basic package is mandatory for using Triggers).

SecondEGO - chatbot trigger

Using triggers is very simple. We have only three fields to arrange and prepare the trigger.
At first we select the invitation which shows to visitors when conversation starts. We can use welcome messages or any of already published patterns.
Second part is when conversation starts. It can be after elapsed time on website, number of visited pages or visited url.
Third part depends of second part and complement it with exact parameter.

We can prepare many triggers for every chatbot. For example – e-shop can set triggers for different pages with different invitations. This can be helpful to invite visitors to action (buy something, if you wish).

It is good to know, that it isn’t recommended to set chatbot conversation start to quickly. Leave users some time to check your site. 

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