It is always interesting to try new navigation app. Especially if it has over 20 million of users. Last month it was Navitel Navigator. At first moment it looked promising, but I quickly found some big issues.

+ Good and custamizable user interface (dashboard).
+ Geosocial services.
+ Nice weather presentation.
+ Lane assistance.
– App often displays strange weather informations (from Gismeteo).
– Bad map packages. Slovenia is in Balkan package and you must install the whole package.
– Bad route planning. Beside that, the planned route is sometimes shown with straight line on display (not on roads).
– You can’t select fine tuning options for route planning (Fast, Short, Green…).
– Even if you select that map looks towards North, it doesn’t work as it should.
– Icons on top of the display are too small to use them between navigation.
– Many errors on map (including spelling errors).
Developers have a lot to do. To be honest – I expected more from this navigation. 

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