CoPilot isn’t a newcomer in road navigation group. They offer two applications – a free CoPilot with route planning and CoPilot Premium with turn-by-turn navigation. In first two weeks with free CoPilot, you can use turn-by-turn navigation within one country. Just to taste a navigation.

+ Good menus and features (for example: Show POI on display only when stopped).
+ Simple route editing (adding/deleting waypoints, reordering…).
+ Fast application without phone warming.
+ Fast recalculations without stubbornness.
+ CommuteMe feature can be interesting, but I can’t try it in Slovenia. It intelligently learning a driver’s preferred route to and from work. It automatically scans the route for traffic to avoid delays. Could be interesting in bigger cities.
– Primitive/dull view on navigation (no houses, just some roads …).
– Bad packages of countries. For Slovenia, I have to download a Balkan package, but I need just Slovenia. In trial version, I can’t try navigation in Austria and Italy for example. There can be a lot of differences between maps in mentioned countries.
– Using Navteq/Here maps with many mistakes. It is also interesting that even latest version of CoPilot uses Navteq logo. Navteq was merged into Nokia and their band name is Here since 2012.
– Navteq Traffic is official not available in Slovenia. But I tried it because Here offered it some weeks ago. It shows traffic conditions, but very slow and not so clear as Here Navigation.
– Almost all categories of roads (except the main roads) are shown with the same color and same size. It is hard to orient yourself.
– Car location is usually ahead of real location. It is interesting that many road navigation is late with position, but CoPilot is ahead.
– I didn’t find a way to enter a letter if it is a part of house number.
– Recent destinations (history) is available but with one unnecessary click to “My places”+”Recent”. It would be better if recent destinations should be available on first level.

– Application sometimes stops. I noticed this several times on the beginning and if GPS connection is lost.

My feelings are a little ambivalence. On one hand CoPilot has very interesting menus structure with many (not very usual) features. On the other hand maps aren’t very good and display between navigation is somehow boring.