After I have published an article for importing Personal POI to RNS 510 in Slovenian language, I’m getting requests to translate it into English almost every day. So, here we go…

The car radio VW RNS 510 includes navigation. It doesn’t offer to import speed cameras, but at least it can display their location as a personal POI (Personal POI or Custom POI).
I have prepared a file with speed cameras which can be downloaded to your computer. The file contains information about the locations of speed cameras and other “traps” for Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Croatia and Italy.

What else do you need?
Let’s assume that the RNS 510 in your car is working properly. It must have installed firmware versions 3xxx or later. You will also need an SD card that uses the FAT32 file system.

Preparing on your computer
Create a folder named PersonalPOI at the root directory of the SD card. Warning – the name must be exactly PersonalPOI otherwise it won’t work!
Copy this file in PersonalPOI folder on SD card. The file name can be random and you can use more files in this folder. Notice: the file includes speedcams for Germany, Austria, Italy, Croatia and Slovenia.

Installation on the RNS 510
1. Turn on the radio and wait for the system to load.
2. Insert the SD card into the unit and press the physical button Setup.
3. On the screen, select Navigation -> My Points of Interest -> Import
4. In the new window, press “Import Database” and wait a few seconds.
5. On the screen, press the OK button (twice).

Display imported POIs on map
1. Press the physical button MAP
2. In the bottom of the screen, select Extras, and then the POI selection.
3. Select which POIs should be displayed. In principle, our imported POIs will appear below.
4. When finished with a selection, press an OK button at the top right.


Unfortunately, RNS 510 does not provide the warning when approaching the speed camera but only display its location.

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  1. Anonymous

    Thank you very much for your instructions!
    For which countries are the radars ?

  2. Iztok Grilc

    The file includes speedcams for Germany, Austria, Italy, Croatia and Slovenia.
    Thank you for asking … I immediately add this information 🙂

  3. Anonymous

    Thank you for this information and for having updated the post;)
    Do you know how to add other countries, like France and Switzerland ? Maybe you will create another post on how to create POI's 🙂

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