What is a chatbot?
A chatbot is a service, powered by rules and artificial intelligence, that you interact with via different channels (chat interface, widgets, Facebook Messenger…). It can converse with humans to answer questions or guide them to get the solution or find an appropriate product.

Do I need a chatbot?
Chatbots can guide our potential customers with simple wizards to buy products. Chatbots with an interactive process can also save people from searching through FAQs and knowledge chapters themselves. Better chatbots can also change from automatic answering to live chat and that can raise business conversations
If you have a business where many customers are looking for similar information, then chatbot is a way to go. Without doubt.

Can you have your own chatbot? 
Of course. There are many different platforms. After some testing, I choose a solution with really powerful features. SecondEGO is quite unknown, but offers many nice features. Check this short PDF presentation of the platform.

How to create a chatbot in five minutes?
You can create your own chatbot and publish it on your website very quick. Follow this video to understand what is necessary to prepare your assistant.

Is this all?
Yes and no. Your chatbot is prepared and published, but if you want to offer your customers something useful, there is more to do. You have to invest some time to prepare and include knowledge. But don’t worry, every spent hour today will save many hours in the future. You won’t have to answer to the same questions every day. Your business will raise because website visitors will find products more quickly. Analytics will show you, what people are really searching for and what do you need to describe more detailed.
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.

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