I’m a heavy user of cloud solutions for many years. I really likes availability of files on different locations without copy and check if everything is with me.
I tried many of cloud storage solution and for some projects I still use Dropbox, Drive and OneDrive … but for my main work I have a few requirements:
– stability and availability
– fast clients for different platforms (Windows, Linux, Android…)
– security (client side encryption)
– syncing any folder on local disk to cloud
– syncing only desired folders from cloud to local disk
– enough storage capacity and normal speed
– acceptable price…

pCloud Crypto

To be honest, many of online storage provides fails on above written requirements. In last years I was a sympathizer of next solutions (followed with reason to leave them):
– SugarSync (change price/storage politics and problems with clients)
– Wuala (they shut down)
– Cubby (they shut down)
– PowerFolder (some mistakes on platform).

In last weeks I investigated market again and found a very promising solution – pCloud. pCloud is based in Switzerland and provide easy to use cloud storage solution. Here are some pros and cons.

– Free 10 GB with almost all features!
– Powerful Premium and Business accounts
– Unlimited file size
– Top security
– Client for many platforms
– Virtual hard drive
– Sharing files with non-pCloud users
– Anyone can upload files to your account via a shared URL
– WebDAV support (isn’t documented, but support team can send you address)
– Company’s servers are based in Switzerland
– Impressive speed without bandwidth throttling
– Sending large files with encryption without login
– Remote upload (pCloud can upload from remote URL without ruining your internet)
– Folder syncing is really easy to understand and set

Windows pCloud client

– Additional money fee for client side encryption (Crypto)
– File history on free account works only 24 hours
– No password protected shared files/folders
– Context menu for pCloud doesn’t show in all programs (it works in Explorer, don’t worry)
– It is not possible to sync hidden and system files
– Quite slow support (but I have to say, that second time they response much faster)

pCloud is an excellent online storage service. It is a powerful file sharing and syncing service. It does have its shortcomings, but with many good points, free storage and a client side encryption (fee!) I can say that pCloud is a great service.
You can use my affiliate link and you will get a 1-month premium account for free.

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  1. Joe

    Not to mention that their uploading speed is very fast. As I wrote out the review at goodcloudstorage.net/pcloud-review/, they are claiming 10x faster speed than their rival, Dropbox.

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