Have you ever tried to link a Facebook post? Maybe you want to email a link to post or do something else?

How to get a link to a post? It isn’t obvious, but it is quite easy if you are keen to this trick.
Usually, our post on Facebook looks like this:

Under the name, you will find a post timestamp. It will usually look something like “20 minutes ago”, “Yesterday at 3:00 am” or “Just now”. If you mouseover the timestamp, it will display a tip with full date and time of the post. And this is also link to this post!! You can simple right click timestamp and copy URL to that Facebook post.

You can link a Facebook post even if you are on a mobile device and using a Facebook app. Press on a sign on the right upper part of a post. A simple menu will be opened and you can simply select “Copy Link”.

That’s all you have to know to get a link to a Facebook post. Simple, isn’t it?

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