A quick response is one of the most unknown but also very interesting feature on Android smartphones. With this feature, you can reject a call and send a SMS message to the caller without typing. Useful if you want to let someone know that you got their call but can’t pick up right now. In a car, in a meeting… Using quick response (or auto-send) the caller will know that you have acknowledged the call.

You can have up to four quick responses. There are four predefined responses:
– Can’t talk now. What’s up?
– I’ll call you right back.
– I’ll call you later.
– Can’t talk now. Call me later?

But don’t worry, you can edit them to suit your needs. Here is how.
Open the Phone app (application where you can dial, look at your call history or use speed dial). Tap the menu button (three vertical dots top right) and choose Settings.

Tap Quick responses and there you are.

I suggest you prepare four different simple texts, so most common scenarios will be covered.
Save your texts and close Phone app and your phone is prepared to test.
Make sure that phone screen is off, otherwise, Phone app can behave differently. Let make a call to your phone. In the latest version (March 2017) you swipe up the main button to receive a call and swipe down to reject it.
While the phone is ringing, press an icon in the bottom left corner and swipe it up.

The menu with your quick responses will appear.

Tap on desired text and call will be rejected and SMS will be sent to a caller.

Quick response is a really handy feature that allows you to respond to unanswered phone calls.

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