Polar M430 watch

Who didn’t get into this? Your training is finished, and you forgot to stop training on your lovely Polar watch. If you are “lucky”, you will drive a long way home with a Polar watch following your “training” in a car. Maybe you noticed you didn’t stop the training when you are looking for a beer in a refrigerator.

Don’t worry. Stop a training session and sync it with Polar Flow. You will get your Olympic results back. The solution can be quite simple. 
Leave your phone a little rest and switch on your computer. The solution isn’t available on the Flow app on your phone.
Open the web version of Polar Flow, log in, and click on your failed training session. Take a pencil and piece of paper and write down the time and distance to your training stop point (the position where you want to finish the training).
On the upper left side of the preview, you will find a “more” button/link. Click on it and you are almost there!

A new type of view has the “Duration” and “Time” fields EDITABLE. This is the key to our solution. 
Change the wrong data with data from your training stop point and click on the “Save” button. 
This will shorten your training session appropriately. 

After you finish this procedure, go to the kitchen refrigerator and take a cold beer. 

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