Some early birds, enthusiasts and lucky people already use Android Marshmellow. As always when a new release of such a large project as OS is, we find at least some bugs or problems.

Users of Facebook Messenger application discovered that there are no chat heads anymore on the screen when they get a message. What is wrong? Bug?
I can’t say it is a bug, it is a feature of new Android Marshmellow. Now, you can choose exactly how much access you want to grant to specific apps.
But while it’s worth it for the peace of mind, also be aware because apps can need permissions you might not expect.

In our case, the problem is in permission named Permit drawing over other apps. This permission is disabled for Facebook Messenger.
Solution is simple:
Open Settings -> Apps and click the gear icon on the top-right corner.
Then select Draw over other apps from the Advanced options.
Find Messenger in the list of installed apps and toggle on Permit drawing over other apps.

Android Marshmellow Permissions

How to test? Open Facebook Messenger and ask out your friend. A beer is waiting …

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