VoLTE (Voice over LTE) delivers voice calls over the internet. It is a digital packet voice service with many benefits for mobile operators and consumers.
Here are three main benefits for consumers:
– supports higher quality calls
– connects calls much faster (lower latency)
– improved battery life.

You can use VoLTE only if your phone and network support it.
My mobile network (Telekom Slovenija) supports it and VoLTE enabling is easy in the web dashboard:

The second part was enabling the VoLTE feature on the phone. Almost all modern phones support it, but some of them don’t have this feature in the menu. My OnePlus 5 didn’t show it (this depends on some reasons), but I knew that it is supported. Here is a simple tutorial on how to enable it.
The process is quite simple but be aware that something can still go wrong 🙂

UPDATE (4th August 2021): Bellow described procedure don’t work on the latest version of OxygenOS 10.0.1

1. Open the dialer on your phone and type *#800#
You have to use the original dialer, not 3rd party like Google Dialer!
This will start a special OnePlus app which is usually used when OnePlus service team try to help you with problems. Don’t worry, press Enter to start the magic 🙂
2. Click “oneplus Logkit”:

3. Click “Function Switch”:

3. Enable VoLTE (and VoWifi if you wish):

And then restart your phone. This is important!
After the phone comes to life, go to “Settings -> Wi-Fi & Internet -> SIM & Network” and there should be a new feature (or two of them if you enable VoWifi beside VoLTE):

That’s it. I hope this short article will help you if your OnePlus doesn’t have a VoLTE feature in the settings. 

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  1. Guru:-)

    Awesome 😊 worked for me.. I have problem with my network in indoor.. This solves my problem.. Thank you!!

  2. Shreya

    After pressing the functional switch option, only first 4 icons are been shown. There is no volt option. I am using oneplus5. Pls help

  3. Anonymous

    Thank you, it worked!

  4. harsh gupta

    Thank you for solving my problem. I was struggling with no network indoors.

  5. Salekin Raz

    The VoLTE Switch option is not present in my one plus 5 when I open the function switch. How can I do it?

  6. Iztok Grilc

    It looks that VoLTE Switch option disapears with upgrade to Anndroid 10 on OnePlus 5.
    But now you can find it in Settings -> SIM & network -> VoLTE (Use VoLTE when available).
    Can you report if this helps?

  7. Salekin Raz

    Mine is updated to android 10.But the option is also unavailable in the settings

  8. Iztok Grilc

    Interesting. Maybe wait until OnePlus send us a patch for Android 10.

  9. D KIRAN

    I don't find vowifi switch in OneplusLogKit after android 10 update. But I can see Volte option in settings. Can you please help me enable vowifi calling.

  10. Iztok Grilc

    As I wrote in prevoius comment, I assume that something change with Android 10 update on OnePlus. Maybe we should wait some more days/weeks to get new version.

  11. Anonymous

    Doesn't works. There's no option to for VoLTE or VoWifi under function switch on my OnePlus 5. Maybe this is for a OnePlus 5T?

  12. Max S

    I've seen quite a fair number of people trying to enable this feature on their device but it's suspiciously missing after this most recent OS update. I'm personally looking to enable it so that I can prove AT&T wrong about my device not supporting HD Voice (their branding of VoLTE). AT&T recently sent out notice to users with "devices that don't support it," saying that we would be needing to upgrade our phones before Feb 2022 when they discontinue service for their 3G network. The OnePlus 5 is not that old of a device and it most certainly is capable of supporting VoLTE, but all of a sudden it seems like people are having issues accessing the settings. I can find plenty of resources on the internet (such as guides like this) that indicate it was at one point possible. I'm highly suspicious of the timing of the most recent OS update and this notice from AT&T about needing to upgrade. Am I being cynical or does it seemed like this might be a case of planned obsolescence to try and push people to the newer device versions?

  13. Carol B

    I have a OnePlus 5, recently updated to Android 10. Got the same shocking AT&T Message Max S mentions. Its not that old! I never checked this before. But the timing Does seem suspicious. Thank you for the info!! I'll check back!
    I hope OnePlus will fix this. If not, I'll not buy another OnePlus, it should last longer than this.
    I really appreciate everyone sharing your knowledge! Thanks Max S.!

  14. Mukul

    same here.. can anyone help us..

  15. Unknown

    I have inserted the sim in slot 2. My phone does not show the voLTE options in function switch. Plezzzzz help. I have android version 7.1.1

  16. Anonymous

    guys, lol, you dont get it do you? oneplus deliberately removed the vowifi option, go back, degrade the os and it is there and update again its gone. vowifi was working before, but its been a while its gone. there is no option to bring it back, just buy a new phone, atleast thats what manufacturers want, they categorize the vowifi as new feature and it wasnt supposed to be on anything below 6t i guess or 6…. well anyway its same as every company does, even if older device are 1000% capable of new features and versions of os, they just cant give those features and updates, else no one will buy new ones. imagine, the newer oneplus camera, newer oos and its features and ui can easily be on 5t but they cant give it.

  17. Unknown

    Iam unable to find the in onepluslogkit option of volte switch and vowifi switch help me on this

  18. Redz

    Does anyone have VoLTE working now on their OP5 running Android 10?

  19. Iztok Grilc

    I'm not sure if this works with Android 10. Unfortunately OnePlus stops developing ROMs for OnePlus 5.

  20. Vijay

    Thank you much ,this works a lot😊

  21. Redz

    Which carrier do you use?

  22. Unknown

    Just don't buy a new OnePlus device thinking that you'll get 5G because you won't on AT&T.

  23. Unknown

    Isotov, thanks for the information. Unfortunately, after entering the Logkit n function key, there is no WiFi calling switch.
    Volte, however is available in the normal settings.

  24. Iztok Grilc

    This can depend on the version of your firmware. I just tried and with the latest version I also can't find it. Sorry.

  25. Vince

    Can contacting OnePlus directly work?
    What exactly needs to be fixed?

    1. iztok

      I’m not sure. I no longer use the mentioned phone.

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